How BDE Helps Entrepreneurs

The BDE Sponsorship program offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to get the resources they need to start and grow a new in-home health care business. Qualified entrepreneurs who are accepted into the Program will get:

  • Financial support for business start-up costs: With this support, entrepreneurs can cover the expenses associated with building the foundation for a successful business.
  • Mentoring and coaching throughout the process: After launching their in-home health care business, entrepreneurs receive extensive, ongoing support that’s tailored to their needs and progress. This includes everything from custom software and training sessions to webinars, marketing support, and much more. Plus, at every step of the way, they’ll know their performance so they can work towards their goals.
  • Essential stepping stones towards full independence and long-term success: While the BDE Sponsorship Program offers close oversight and guidance during the first year, BDE will slowly step back as business owners feel more and more comfortable operating their company. The goal is to give business owners the tools they need to become self-sufficient and independent as they grow and manage their brand.

At BDE, we love helping people achieve their dream of building security, taking control of their future, and living their passion for helping. And we love helping our communities and the people in them.

Our program—the Business Development Entrepreneurs (BDE) Sponsorship Program—operates on a cycle of helping. From the elderly and veterans to entrepreneurs and communities, the BDE Sponsorship Program is designed to provide the help and resources necessary to thrive!

And the only way our Program can thrive is through the amazing entrepreneurs who join our Program and the generous donors who support it.

If you’re ready to find out more about our Program and how to apply, simply call (702) 843-0501 or contact us online.