How Donors Help BDE

For donors, the BDE Sponsorship Program offers a unique way to help aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as, some of the most vulnerable and underserved people in low-income communities. Those who choose to donate to our program will get:

  • A tax deduction: BDE will give you all of the documents you need to claim the tax deduction you’re entitled to for making a generous gift to our Program.
  • The choice of how their contribution will be used: Donors can choose to sponsor one individual or a group of entrepreneurs. This gives donors control over their contribution, as well as some peace of mind that it’s being used to support the people or groups that donors prefer to help.
  • Satisfaction in knowing their contributions made a real difference: At BDE, we believe it’s important for sponsors to know how their contributions are distributed, so they can be confident that their donations are truly impacting individuals and entire communities.

Our program—the Business Development Entrepreneurs (BDE) Sponsorship Program—operates on a cycle of helping. From the elderly and veterans to entrepreneurs and communities, the BDE Sponsorship Program is designed to provide the help and resources necessary to thrive!

And the only way our Program can thrive is through the amazing entrepreneurs who join our Program and the generous donors who support it.

If you’re ready to find out more about our Program and how to you can make a donation to support it, simply call (702) 843-0501 or contact us online.