Funding & Supporting Home Health Care Businesses

Welcome to Business Development Entrepreneurs!

Business Development Entrepreneurs (BDE) is a nonprofit that’s devoted to empowering caregivers to help those who need it most. We proudly offer an extraordinary opportunity to support and start home health care businesses. Through our BDE Sponsorship Program:


Entrepreneurs can get the guidance, resources, and financial support they need to launch a new home health care business. They can take control of their future, advance the health care industry, and continue living their passion for helping people.


Donors can offer vital financial support, helping entrepreneurs realize their dream while ensuring home health care gets to those who truly need it, like senior citizens, veterans, and others.

The BDE Sponsorship Program

The BDE Sponsorship Program is an opportunity to support and start a home health care business in a low-income community. Since BDE is a nonprofit organization, we rely on our gracious donors to sponsor the program through tax-deductible donations.

The donations are used to:

Start new home health care businesses

Qualified entrepreneurs (our program participants) will receive financial support to cover the start-up costs of this type of venture.

Run the program

We offer diverse support to our business owners so that we can set them up for success. At BDE, we want our entrepreneurs—and the communities they serve—to thrive! That’s why we offer ongoing support, tailored to each entrepreneur’s needs.

We believe our sponsors should know how their contributions make a difference to change lives and communities.

Whether you’re ready to donate or apply to the BDE Sponsorship Program, you can be confident that you’re taking a meaningful step towards helping people.

Call Business Development Entrepreneurs at (702) 843-0501 or contact us online to donate, apply to the program, or simply find out more.

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing more about BDE, our program, and what you can do to get involved.

Business Development Entrepreneurs:

Backed a Leader in the In-Home Health Care Industry

BDE is proud to be part of the Signal Health Group, the leading provider of in-home health care services throughout the U.S. Signal Health Group is renowned for its record of excellence, as well as its dedication to promoting wellbeing and growth.

As a rapidly expanding organization, Signal Health Group promises a solid business opportunity, sustainable growth, and invaluable resources for success through the BDE Sponsorship Program.

Find out more now. Call Business Development Entrepreneurs at (702) 843-0501 or contact us online to discover how you can get involved in this exciting opportunity!